John Reinhart, Chief Executive Officer

John is a founding partner and creator of Commonwealth Leverage Group, a partnership of accomplished entrepreneurial executives focused on providing services to high-growth entities in healthcare and technology sectors.

He previously spent three years as Executive Vice President, Clinical Solutions Group, for the publicly-traded Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc., which provides clinical software and other solutions to physicians. John joined Allscripts after four years at the helm of Advanced Imaging Concepts Inc., a healthcare software company that was subsequently sold to Allscripts for nearly $20 million.

In addition, he has several years of ‘Big Five’ accounting experience and is an accomplished deal maker. For fun, John enjoys golf, basketball, traveling, and spiritual development and exploration. He is married with two children.

Alicia Heazlitt, Director of Strategy & Collaboration Guru

Alicia Heazlitt’s passion for building brands, market research, and strategic collaborations has led her to InnovateLTC, a unique business accelerator with a goal to transform longterm care. Her work since its inception in 2010 has led to a revolutionary platform that accelerates innovative solutions to the aging population. Such work focuses on radical and global innovation models, community engagement programs, and distribution channels designed to improve the quality of life and quality of care to the expanding elderly population. These solutions are powered by the demographic shift, a response to health care reform and an anticipation of public health threats, by finding sustainable and strong collaborations. These partnerships have enabled university researchers and entrepreneurs to validate and distribute innovative solutions to providers and consumers. Alicia’s mission is to identify and connect the best minds, transfer knowledge and tools through unique collaborations that ignite innovations across the care continuum. Along with her team, she recently completed a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program to identify, understand, and redefine the fragmented delivery models in the health care continuum.

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