LTC LINK Tank is our newest competition just announced to help introduce emerging technologies products and services to the Aging Care Continuum. InnovateLTC and Senior Living LINK have announced this contest that will take place July 30, 2012 in Chicago IL. Over 100 Provider organizations will attend from senior living, skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living and home care. This competition is open to researchers and entrepreneurs with a product in development that will dramatically improve the long term care market.

Congratulations to WalkJoy, 2013 Winner of LINKTank

  • 5 finalists will be given travel stipend and an opportunity to present their product to a panel of VCs, Angel Investors, Technology experts, and Provider Organizations.
  • The winner will receive $10,000 and an opportunity to work with InnovateLTC

For those who are working to improve health, longevity and outcomes for seniors, we urge you to apply. The experience of being in front of 100 Providers is an ecosystem that can’t be replicated! Good Luck!!!

LaunchIT Louisville Program

A 10-week program where entrepreneurs will learn how to build a successful startup or launch a new product or initiative by

  • Creating and testing hypotheses about the new business
  • Gathering early and frequent customer feedback
  • Pivoting to a new business model as needed
  • Creating a Minimum Viable Product to maximize customer feedback
  • Determining the best business model

Entrepreneurs will utilize the Lean LaunchPad methodology and the Business Model Canvas to brainstorm nine building blocks that constitute their businesses.  The original “hypotheses” will be tested outside of class through customer and partner interviews. The canvases will then be updated to reflect the information received until all building blocks have been evaluated.

We are proud to Sponsor along with University of Louisville’s Nucleus the LaunchIT program. Taking advantage of the guidance and leadership provided by some of the area’s most successful business people, the program aims to evaluate and develop business concepts, translate ideas into marketable business plans, and create a lasting network of entrepreneurial relationships.


InnovateLTC  are proud to co-host monthly Long Term Care IDEA Hours.

The International Center for Long Term Care Innovation and University of Louisville’s Nucleus are proud to bring back LTC IDEA Hours. These are monthly social events to encourage collaboration by Louisville’s thought leaders in aging care technologies, services and initiatives. The forums include researchers, industry experts and entrepreneurs to leverage the strengths within the regional aging care innovation cluster. This provides a rich environment for idea generation and advance the development of partnerships that accelerate innovation for the global aging population. The objectives of the forums are to:

  • Encourage interaction between aging care research initiatives and foster collaboration.
  • Showcase a start-up just taking off in the topic of the month
  • Provide a social forum for industry and academic exchange of ideas and needs.
  • Promote innovative R& D technologies and services to address the future need of aging care.

Monthly Long Term  Speakers in 2013 Register Here!

  • September 10-Dr. Shubert and Blain Tomlinson from WalkJoy discuss innovative approaches to prevent falls.

Please email for more information.



Innovation Runway Showcase

As a talent agent for entrepreneurs and researchers we will begin holding Innovation Runway Shows to showcase their innovative products, services and technologies.

Innovation Runway Showcase by InnovateLTC
Welcome to the extreme version of a Live Pitch meets ‘Shark Tank’. These showcases demonstrate the best emerging companies in the 50+ market to their potential customers throughout the care continuum, home health to hospital and care settings in between. There is no better place to get customer feedback, sales and adoption of your solution~ join InnovateLTC’s Red Carpet treatment if you have a innovative product service or technology that benefits the global aging population.
If you have an innovative product and we can discuss ways to RELEASE it to the right people in a BIG WAY.
Our first live streamed podcast with AARP’s Jody Holtzman and Jeff Makowka from the Thought Leadership Group. This is an exciting virtual show and meeting of the minds in the 50+ market to discuss customer experience and innovations geared toward the 50+ market. Don’t miss the first of many virtual InnovAGE shows. We are excited to bring this new format and national audience of innovators, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and agitators in health care.

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