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What is research?

Merriam-Webster says it can be defined as a “careful or diligent search,” or, “the collecting of information about a particular subject.”

While our research partners certainly seek to amass information as it relates to aging care, they do so with a particular goal in mind: practical application of their findings. More than “information seekers,” they are “solution seekers.”

In an environment that has historically spawned limited innovation, our researchers are carving pathways and creating methodologies to not only make new discoveries but also test them. We’re talking about progressive approaches to enhance the quality of life for the elderly. We’re talking about radically changing the way care is delivered to a global aging population.

Every day we wake up older. What can research do about that?

  • Develop evidence-based guidelines for professional health practices
  • Move these evidence-based practices into real-world applications for frontline caregivers and medical practitioners
  • Evaluate and promote “real-world” health outcomes of professional health practices

Our goals:

  • Build research capacity in the health care arena
  • Provide research-based recommendations to clinicians and caregivers
  • Conduct health-related “action” research (solutions to everyday problems)
  • Conduct translational health-sciences research (Both quantitative & qualitative)

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