So the concept is proven – what now?

This is the part where InnovateLTC acts as a talent agent, of sorts, guiding your innovation to potential buyers. Multiple channels national channels have been established to help you enter and capture the market – to give you a competitive advantage, basically.

Living Lab
InnovateLTC will create a revolving showroom of products and technologies aimed at aging care. The Lab will be housed in the first building for the University of Louisville’s Nucleus Innovation Park in downtown Louisville. Construction is under way for the eight-story, $18 million building, which is expected to be complete in 2013.

An online retail center for aging-care products and technologies is under development. The online store is scheduled to launch very soon.

National Physical Distribution Channels

  • Direct Sales
  • Reseller
  • Private Label Distribution
  • Unique Distribution Network

Ask us about developing a plan and finding path and development plan to get your product the market. For more information on any of our distribution options, please contact Alicia Heazlitt at

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