Forge Launch Party

I attended the Forge Launch party last night. A proud moment for Louisville cheap jerseys to support the young, bold entrepreneurs that dreamed up this Virtual Community. The lato goal of their technology is to connect VCs and Entrepreneurs in a social community. Factory It is the first mid west open source and support network in the virtual world. As we are segmented and confined in our own industry and specialties we may find incremental improvements but not disruptive Eldertainment products, services and technologies that are game changers. For true disruptive innovation to take place a sharing Monica of resources, knowledge Добавление and a cross disciplined approach must happen. The Bright only missing My link may wholesale jerseys be the cheap jerseys researchers and academic world in the connections. I hope they jump on the open collaboration cheap nfl jerseys bandwagon soon.

Cheers Louisville, Lets Innovate!!

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