At the Innovation Center we always look to identify and learn about new emerging markets. During 2010 we uncovered a trend in the marketplace to integrate software and technology for multiple wholesale NBA jerseys engagement purposes. Madness This was most evident in product offerings that could enhance the delivery of rehab therapy while offering leisure activities for our residents. Over the cheap MLB jerseys past cheap MLB jerseys several years many of our facilities have deployed the use of Wi”s as a core technology for this purpose.

We like coining the term “ELDERTAINMENT” to represent this new trend whereby technology allows wholesale NBA jerseys inspiring ways to enhance both therapy and leisure activities. We have seen simulation, sensory enable videos, cognitive gaming, video chatting, bluetooth smart beds and internet enabled communication platforms to the bedside.

As we approach serving the Boomer generation the demands for technology Carassius will continue to increase and quality Innovation entertainment will be a key criteria in their selection of facilities. My trip to Medica in Germany also revealed that the worldwide marketplace is moving in this direction. It”s never to late to learn about Brain companies we have talked with recently at the Center. Железный I sat on a Vita Care therapy couch in Germany and experienced za full motion simulation of riding a wave-runner and a motorcycle while I watched a video of where I was going. In LA at a trade show, I watched TV shows by time periods, saw a photo become a puzzle with touch screen and went to the Eiffle Tower via IN2L system.

Share your thoughts about the concept of ELDERTAINMENT. What trends are you seeing with technology in aging?

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