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InnovateLTC was built due to the lack of innovation in the 50 market. Our goal is to bring a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and corporations…and don’t forget consumers together to build an ecosystem that magnifies the goal to revolutionize health care. Whether you are just launching your business or are passionate about health care we have an event for you…join our community of over 50,000 leaders.

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Distribution Platforms

We know the statistics; the cohort shift is among us with the inflow of $78 million baby boomers into our current health care system. The challenge is navigating the multiple platforms and individual systems that lay within the care continuum for accesses to the market…contact us for distribution opportunities.

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Living Lab

Our vision is to be the world leader in Aging Care Innovation. Opening in 2013, the Living Lab will be the only brick and mortar location to harness innovation, education & research while demonstrating the best of breed solutions for the market… Collaborators welcome!

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LTC Idea Hour Buzz Reel with Atria & Caremerge

Check out the energey at our latest LTC Idea Social Hour! Featuring Atria Senior Living and Caremerge. Over 120 leaders joined the conversation  

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